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A metaphysical or teleological reality, rather than a physical one, it represents that which will forever embrace and be embraced by void, full darkness, night in its purest and most evil form. These colored lenses fit directly over the eye sockets, glued to the skin. Like other spectacles, they enable a drafter to draft her color more easily. False Prism, the : Another term for Dazen Guile, who claimed to be a Prism even after his older brother Gavin had already been rightly chosen by Orholam and installed as Prism.

Feast of Light and Darkness, the : A celebration of the equinox, when light and dark war over who will own the sky.

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Because the religious calendar is tied to the lunar calendar, the feast is sometimes as much as a month off the solar date of the equinox. Ferrilux : God of pride, associated with superviolet. Later standardized to twelve thumbs the length of the foot of Prism Sayid Talim, who decreed the standardization. Also called the Unchained. Freeing : The release of those about to break the halo from incipient madness; performed by the Prism every year as the culmination of the Sun Day rituals.

Vera, Season 8: Blood and Bone

A sensitive and holy time, it is accompanied by both mourning and celebration. Each drafter meets personally with the Prism for the ritual. Many refer to it as the holiest day of their lives. The pagans take a different view. The metal is on a hinge that opens upon firing to allow the sparks to reach the black powder in the chamber. Later, the term referred to ships with modifications for military purposes, which include castles at bow and stern and cannons that fire in all directions. Gatu, the : A Parian tribe, despised by other Parians for how they integrate their old religious customs into the worship of Orholam.

Technically their beliefs are heresy, but the Chromeria has never moved to put the heresy down with anything more than strong words. Most wear it only while the sun is up, but some sects wear it even at nighttime. Glass Lily, the : Another term for Little Jasper, or for the whole of the Chromeria as a collection of buildings. A reference to how the seven towers turn to follow the sun. The originals are kept at the Chromeria, and certified copies are kept in every capital and major city for the adjudication of disputes. Merchants found using short measures and inaccurate weights are punished severely.

Great Chain of being , the : A theological term for the order of creation. The first link is Orholam himself, and all the other links below creation derive from him. It includes pillars of white marble and the largest display of stained glass in the world. Most of the time, though, it is filled with clerks, ambassadors, and those who have business with the Chromeria. Said to be the gift of an Atashian king, these pillars are made of trees that were the widest in the world, and their sap allows fires to burn continually, even five hundred years after they were cut. Great River, the : The river between Ruthgar and Blood Forest, the scene of many pitched battles between the two countries.

Green Bridge : Less than a league upstream from Rekton, drafted by Gavin Guile in seconds while he was on his way to battle his brother at Sundered Rock. She holds a spear in one hand and a torch in the other. A yellow drafter keeps the torch lit with yellow luxin, allowing it to dissolve slowly back into light, so the colossus also acts as a lighthouse.

Andross Guile has rarely visited his home in the time Gavin has been Prism, preferring to reside at the Chromeria. The Guile palace was one of the few buildings allowed to be constructed without regard to the working of the Thousand Stars, its height cutting off some of the light paths. She is crowned and leans heavily on a staff; the crown and staff are also towers from which archers can shoot at invaders.

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Commonly worn in Paria. Hass Valley : Where the Ur trapped Lucidonius. Often smoked with a pipe, it produces a sickly-sweet odor. It is white-veined with black and bears seven colorless gems in its blade. Obsidian is the only stone that can draw luxin out of a drafter if it touches her blood directly. In certain cases, the luxiats have turned a blind eye to more minor or prosthetic uses.

Jaks Hill : A large hill in the city of Rath overlooking the Great River, notable for its wealthy estates. Castle Guile dominates the area. The Chromeria is on Little Jasper. Legend has it that the Jaspers were chosen for the Chromeria by Karris Shadowblinder after the death of Lucidonius because they were part of no satrapy, and therefore could be for all the satrapies. Giant javelinas are rare, but can reach the size of a cow. Extremely dangerous and destructive, giant javelinas are believed to have been hunted to extinction in all satrapies except Tyrea. Both species have tusks and hooves and are nocturnal.

Often worn by Parians and occasionally Aborneans. A form of focusing exercise or meditation. Karsos Mountains, the : Tyrean mountains running east and west that border the Cerulean Sea. With this allowance for the fist and its reinforced tip, it is made for punching through armor. Bitter, dark colored, and served hot.

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Ladies, the : Four statues that comprise the gates into the city of Garriston. They are built into the wall, made of rare Parian marble and sealed in nearly invisible yellow luxin. They are thought to depict aspects of the goddess Anat, and were spared by Lucidonius, who believed them to depict something true. They are the Hag, the Lover, the Mother, and the Guardian. Laurion : A region in eastern Atash known for its silver ore and massive slave mines.

Life expectancy for the enslaved miners is short and conditions brutal. The threat of being sent to the mines is used throughout the satrapies to keep slaves obedient and docile.

Mercenaries, ruffians, veterans, and any others willing to fight for Andross Guile. Primarily washed-up Blackguards and the sons of poor nobles. Only the Prism never gets lightsick. It is composed of blue and yellow luxin so that it appears green. Set below the high-water mark, it is remarkable for its endurance against the waves and storms that wash over it. Ahhana the Dextrous was responsible for designing it and engineering its creation.

Little Jasper Island : The island on which the Chromeria resides. It is protected by a seawall that keeps its waters calm. The bane. Believed to have magical powers, especially over drafters.

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  • Its construction and its user must both be extremely strong. The yew forests of Crater Lake provide the best wood available for longbows. Lords of the Air : A term used by the Omnichrome for his most trusted blue-drafting officers. Lover, the : A statue that comprises the eastern river gate at Garriston. She is depicted in her thirties, lying on her back, arched over the river with her feet planted, her knees forming a tower on one bank, hands entwined in her hair, elbows rising to form a tower on the other bank.

    Fiction : Of Blood and Bone

    She is clad only in veils. She glows like bronze when the sun sets, and a land entrance to the city comes through another gate in her hair. They have at various times pursued paryl drafters and lightsplitter heretics, among others. Their theological rigidity and their prerogative to kill and torture have been hotly debated by followers of Orholam and dissidents alike. It always retains its masculine ending: magister, not magister or magistra as appropriate.

    This is a relic from when all teachers were male, female drafters being considered too valuable for teaching. Colored mag torches are also made at great expense, and give a drafter her exact spectrum of useful light, allowing her to eschew spectacles and draft instantly.

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    Matchlocks are accurate to fifty or a hundred paces, depending on the smith who made them and the ammunition used. The mirrors cause luxin to shear off and disintegrate when it comes in contact with them. Molokh : God of greed, associated with orange. Mot : God of envy, associated with blue.