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After you review the critique, put it away. When you wait and let that advice sit for a bit, you can come back to it with much less emotional attachment and much more objectivity. If you still agree with it after a few days, go ahead and revise your book accordingly. Too often, I see authors get feedback and immediately change their book based on that advice.

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Did it benefit you? Was this person kind, thoughtful, timely, and critical of your work in a way that gave you results, or do you feel beat down and like you have no business being a writer? Take a critical look at how you feel and what kind of results you achieved from this critique experience; ask whether it would be beneficial to repeat the exercise.

If it was a great experience, then set a date to do it again. But, in order to give helpful feedback, you need to approach a critique with clear priorities. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:.

The Partnership

In short, understand the scope of the critique and stay within those boundaries to provide actionable feedback to help your partner revise his or her work. Do your best to be honest, kind, and diplomatic; you know how hard it is to receive criticism about your creative work. But, on the other hand, be sure to return helpful, critical, actionable advice to your partner. When it does come to pointing out weaknesses in a book, how you say it is everything. For example:. Or they completely ignore your thoughtful and time-consuming feedback during their revisions.

Working with a critique partner can be one of the most helpful ways of revising your book and improving your craft. In the best of relationships, it means getting reader insight and expert advice for free!

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By following these eight habits of successful critique, you can set yourself and your partner up for a successful critique relationship. What have you learned from your past critique experiences? Tell me about a positive or negative critique that sticks out in your mind. Paige is an editor by day and writer by night. A shameless book nerd, she loves any well-told story that transports her to faraway worlds or the deepest regions of the human spirit. She's a believer in the astounding power of love, in opening herself up to life's many surprises, and in chocolate as the cure for just about any ailment.

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Read more about Paige. I have about 12 manuscripts and numerous short stories under my belt. I put a lot of time into my beta-reads and want to know where I screwed up and where I helped. None had told me that — they had just asked me to read their books.

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Now, I suppose it is my turn, and I am going to ask for a response, and maybe specific responses about the material. I was pretty embarrassed about myself. I guess I should have known , but I did not.

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I have a couple of trusted betas, but I give them different things to look for. Thanks for sharing your experience. A thousand times yes!! I have one CP and I always follow up her critiques with comments and an email to say thanks.

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