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Romantic Otome story with choices. Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power. Yes, there was someone in the past. I don't think so. I've loved before, but not this much. Ask me to marry them. Tell me they love me.

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Set up a romantic dinner with candles and soft music. Keep fighting for our love. Yes, all the time. We're already married, so I don't need to imagine it. Sometimes, but I never go to deep into thought. No, because there are too many obstacles for that to happen. I would do a lot, but not anything, for them. Yes, whatever it takes. No, true love shouldn't ask for sacrifices. I think so. The connection was so strong that I felt like we had met in a past life.

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They seemed very familiar, and I was very relaxed around them from the beginning. They had qualities that reminded me of some people I respect and love. Not really; we were strangers when we met. It's intense and passionate. My whole body feels my lover when they're close. Our connection is like soul food. Their embrace feels like home. It's strong because it's based on trust, loyalty and love. It's consuming and heart-warming. All hell breaks loose.

We argue.

We rarely disagree. We each take some space from each other until we cool down.

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Yes, it turned my life upside down. Yes, a lot has changed. Not drastically. Not everything. There's no need for that.


Yes, there are no boundaries. I wish! We don't keep any major secrets from each other.

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This is the first time I've really loved someone. None of those even matter since I met this person.

It can't compare because I've never felt like this before. It's much stronger and more mature. No, they hate my love. I'm not sure. Yes, my friends love this person! My friends seem okay with them. Absolutely not.

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I'd survive, but it wouldn't be easy. I can't imagine life without them. Most of the time. Yes, they're my go-to person for everything. Depends on the news. All the time. From time to time, but not very often.