PURE VISION: The Magdalene Revelation

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Click Here to download this ebook. Download all ebooks for free. Call us! Terms of Use Our eBooks may be freely used because most are not protected by U. What does one do? The power of a priestly blessing here is amazing and that it is recognized as such equally wonderful! The discernment and astonishment and integrity of that era which was so concentrated upon the Divine, needs to return to our era once again.

Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

Let us pray our world once again, especially our government, is enthused by our Holy Heritage, enough to dig them up. Glory be to God. Hi Riverfarmgirl, Thank you for your comments. Although the Gospels have Jesus appearing to St Mary Magdalene first, it would not be surprising to me at all if in reality He appeared to His Mother first. But I think most would agree that there is a message behind Jesus appearing first to Mary Magdalene in the Gospels: " Mary, called Magdalene, from whom seven demons had gone out.

I think that most would agree that the message is that Mary Magdalene--the sinner who turned from her "seven deadly sins", repented and loved Jesus-- represents Jesus' mission of mercy and forgiveness for all, even the most notorious sinners. But in the end it would not suprise me at all if in reality Jesus appeared to His Mother first on the Blessed Easter morning. Thanks again for your comments. Glenn Dallaire.

Pure Vision: The Magdalene Revelation

I was privileged to visit her tomb in in a group led by Sr Rose, a wonderful French nun, who tragically died in a road accident in the UK weeks later,RIP. We had tissues wiped in the oil in our bus with the beautiful scent for days afterwards. Thanks be to God for His mercies. St Mary Magdalene pray for us! To the writer of this beautiful, very informative and inspiring story about St, Mary Magdalene, I sincerely thank you.

I will surely encourage my own family and all my friends to read this article in order to give them awareness of the unconditional love of our Lord Jesus, His readiness to forgive and bestowing endless mercy upon everyone, who with contrite heart, repents of their sins against God. Afer reading this story, the Holy Spirit enlightened me as to why at Calvary, Almighty God the Father allowed two great sinners, the two thieves, each on a cross, positioned next to His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, and, at the Resurrection tomb to have as an eye witness, another great sinner, in the person of Mary Magdalene.

Let us all give time for God in prayers and doing good works of mercy. God bless us all and the world. Thank you for this beautiful history of the life of St. Mary Magdalene. Most of it is brand new information to me.

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I appreciate this very much. I wonder if you could research St.

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Bernhardt Lehner of Germany. Also, I would like to see posted the picture of Lucia De Santos when she first had the vision of Our Lady of Fatima, rather than the picture you are using on this site. Hermit maybe, but First female mystic of the church - that's got to be Mary as in the Blessed Virgin surely?!

As far as the Blessed Virgin Mary being the first "Mystic of the Church", well I suppose in some ways that is a given, but in Her elevated status as the Mother of God, and having passed through this life unstained by sin, I would say that She certainly doesn't fit under the "traditional" human catergory of a mystic-- Perhaps She could be called the "Mother of Mystics", but She is certainly more aptly described as the "Immaculate Conception" and the "Virgin Mary" and the "Mother of God".

May God bless you and yours, Glenn Dallaire.

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One reader [who I will keep anonymous] emailed me the following excellent question-observation: "On your web site you had featured Mary Magdalen. In the article's opening paragraph, you wrote that St Mary Magdalene what an extraordinary saint. In the beginning she was the woman of great wealth the sister of Martha and Lazarus. I think you have mixed up the two Marys. Mary of Martha and Lazarus lived in Bethany. Mary Magdalene was from Magdala. It was she that had the 7 demons cast out. She was the woman who annointed Jesus' feet with oil and she was the one at the foot of the cross.

I was taught this by several priests in Pa and also in Florida. Please correct me if I am wrong, but there were at least 2 Marys besides Mary Jesus' mother. Here at least is my reply for what it is worth This is something that has been debated amongst scripture theologians for at least the past two centuries. In fact, one of the books that I have on St Mary Magdalene dwells quite deeply on this particular subject of what is called the "two Mary's" To summarise the discussion, throughout the centuries that is, traditionally the Roman Catholic Church writers and scholars have believed that Mary of Bethany the sister of Lazarus and Martha was the same person as Mary Magdalene who is believed to have had some ties to the town of "Magdala" hence the name "Magdalene".

Some more recent Biblical scholars are of the opinion that they were two different peoplehence the "two Mary's" opinion. This however, is only a relatively recent "speculation", and historically the Catholic Church tradition has favored the opinion that Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalene are one and the same person. The Orthodox and the Protestant Churches have held that they are two and even sometimes three! Anyway, for those interested there are articles in Wikpedia and elsewhere on the internet that delve into this subject, but the one's that I have read both in books and online all seem to agree that it has been the longstanding traition of the Catholic Church that Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalen are one and the same person, and so as for myself I tend to side with the tradition of the Church, as opposed to the intepretation of more modern Biblical scholars.

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If someday we make it to heaven, God willing, we will certainly find out for sure! Mary Magdalene - but never learned so much as from this article. I will pass it on so more people could read about her! I am so excited reading st.

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This year , dirning the saints' pick, St. Mary Magdalene has picked me to pray for me. Not knowing much about her, I was anxious to learn more about her. Her feast day, 22nd July has significances in the lives of two of my own and I just used to pray to St. Mary Magdalene for them too.

More than that, My childhoold parish alter wall picture was that of the death of Jesus - Jesus on the cross, Bl. MOther, St.

https://ignamant.cl/wp-includes/45/1843-como-buscar-un.php John and St. Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross. Sometime back May be years , As I sit to pray, this painting used to come into my vision and I used to replace St. Mary Magdalene by myself and pray. I noticed myself that I could never pray for me alone, but anything for others too - even begging pardon for the sins of all of in the family, community, church, country, and for the whole world.

I started seeing the Father Almighty above the cross and the Holy Spirit in betwen them - thus praying to the Holy Triniyt. Recenty as I was brousing , I came across the picture of St. I was overjoyed to ahve seen that picture, though St. Mary Magdalene is not there in that picture.