Faulty Assumptions: Why Blaming Teachers Wont Fix Public Schools

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I let them play creatively, and encouraged them to use their imagination.

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We started that process the minute they were born! We continue to push our children to learn new information because we expect them to be functioning adults in society, one day I do enjoy their childhood. I am not just relying on the school system to teach my child everything need to know about life, but rather allow the school to supplement the education they receive from us! Pardon me while I scream, what!?! They were serious. Our children are not simply entitled to have something. They must put forth the effort to achieve the success in gaining that something.

There comes a point when they too are accountable for their actions and must take part in the process of learning. And because the grades are over valued, and not the work, and the students know this they do not want to be challenged and actually accomplish learning the information at grade level. Spot on! The only way we can be effective is to have a partnership with the students like the enriching lesson you outlined, above. Students of all ages like to feel like they have an investigatory purpose and are a part of the process. Especially for students in categorical classes.

Examining Beliefs, Attitudes, and Understandings as Inclusive Schools Are Developed

Serious overhauls need to be done. But who is going to do it? Everyone needs their jobs…we feel like hamsters on a wheel trying desperately to get somewhere. Until the public wakes up and acknowledges the problems it will only get worse. I shudder to think what our system will be like for future generations. What is missing is the larger picture of state starvation, avoidance of just taxation, centralized shift in the Department of Education to stop innovation and cooperation by shifting to contracts from grants, and buy-in from administration at all levels that educators have to be specifically excluded from resource allocation decisions—neoliberal economic garbage that has destroyed education in the US.

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Drown every hint of interdependence and the ethical ideal of a Common Good. So true!!! Pressure is put on teachers NOT to give lower grades for appaling work or NO grade for missing assignments!!! Tell me what job or career is going to do that for an employee? Talk about not being able to prepare students! I used to be there, too. However a grade of 50 is still an F.

Teacher to Teacher: Teacher Effectiveness and ESEA

If the grade is 0 there is no comeback, and no incentive to try. Preparing employees? That might be an argument for 3rd and 4th year high school students, but why would we want to shut down younger kids? This is supposed to be the time in their lives that they have opportunities to learn life skills.

We can teach them that effort can be rewarded, even if they have slacked off in the past. I agree. Children are 2 grade levels behind, but must be promoted and not given a zero for zero work.

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It is a daunting task! Great article! We are more than test scores for the moment. Every word true. The hypocrisy of education reformers springs eternal. Not to mention the ongoing oppression and inequities in our school communities!

https://mafourkecospo.ml The same social problems we face in public will have to be addressed or at least acknowledged in our schools. Stop the fear factor with our teachers and leaders. Everyone is threatening them when a lot of the problem cannot be solved by the schools. We are trying to make the school system a repairing mechanism for the problems our society faces. And nothing gets accomplished that way. We threaten teachers and administrators when they are already doing the best that they can. Teachers fear the principal, the principal fears the superintendent, the superintendent fears the school board, the school board fears the parents, the parents fear the children, and the children fear no one.

And no one is making them accountable for their unwillingness to try. When we operate according the law of physics which says for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. In other words, your choices whether good or bad come with consequences. Let that be the theme of education and the difference can be made. Administrators, teachers and parents need to develop a unified front. Any serious and systematic effort to improve the quality of teachers must include a reliable and valid measure of how well they perform in the classroom.

It is based on the highly successful Performance Assessment for California Teachers PACT and is a multiple-measure assessment system documenting teaching and learning in day learning segments for one class of students. The evidence may consist of artifacts of teaching lesson plans, video clips of instruction, student work samples, teacher assignments, daily reflections and reflective commentaries.

21 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness

The Partnership is using the PACT approved by California as meeting its reliability and validity standards for rigorous teaching performance assessments as a foundation for the nationally available TPA for evaluating teachers across the continuum of their careers. Thank you so much for your insightful commentary and candid conversation.

Please keep the comments coming. We are reading and listening! Teacher Ambassador Fellows.

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As a consequence, schools have not received signals towards the educational improvement from their customers, but towards the use of status symbols and social segregation. Finally, deregulation and free competition have also tended to increase school segregation through a process of mutual reinforcement between schools supply side and families demand side. From the supply side, schools have responded to the incentives of the competence, by distorting the indicators of quality by rejecting students who are less likely to succeed in school applying admissions tests , and those who have demonstrated low capacities expelling them.

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These sorting and re-sorting mechanisms, massively applied for two decades, have shaped the Chilean school system in its current segregated features. This thought is not a revolution in the way we educate, teach or learn. It is an evolutionary approach to help increase, or reform, the perceived value of education in the eyes of Americans. For instance, NCLB, a great idea on paper, but in practice has proved to be little more than a footnote in the declining values of American educational failures. NCLB says, our teachers are incompetent, our schools are incompetent and our communities are incompetent.

I would like for you to read a paper done in , I provided the link below. It discusses, educational reform in Finland; which, by the way, is one of the most literate and educated countries in the world. But I do believe, that in time, we can change the negative perception regarding education and replace it with a more positive one. Better pay might help too! Having a job that is meaningful and valued in the eyes of our neighbors and friends is pay enough.

Fox News Fair and balanced or right and wrong What is right or fair in regards to American public education? This simple right instead of privilege belief, changes the value of education and America. The arrogant and myopic mindset of American adolescent responsibility is mind boggling. Final thought regarding American adolescence. Why do we limit responsibility and consequences for our adolescent age bracket? Here are two historical figures you might recognize, who were given responsibilities at a young age and stepped up to meet the challenge. David Farragut, the U.

At the age of 12, a mere boy by modern standards, Farragut was given command of his first ship, sailing a capture vessel, crew, and prisoners, back to the U. Young David was given responsibility at an early age, and he rose to the occasion. The father of our country, George Washington, though never thought to be particularly bright by his peers, began to master geometry, trigonometry, and surveying when he would have been a 5th or 6th grader in our day and ceased his formal education at 14 years of age.

At the age of 16 he was named official surveyor for Culpepper County, Virginia. By the age of 21, he had leveraged his knowledge of the surrounding land, along with his income, to acquire 2, acres of prime Virginian land. Prior to the late s there were only 3 categories of age: childhood, adulthood, and old age. It was only with the coming of the early labour movement with its progressive child labour laws, coupled with new compulsory schooling laws, that a new category, called adolescence, was invented.

Coined by G. Learning assessments should be locally owned by parent, teacher, school and county. Government is not doing anything to help education. It is hurting our perceived value by not trusting its communities and teachers to educate our youth! Government is devaluing our education, not helping!

It is a waste of time and money.

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Most of these students have been placed on the Autistic Spectrum, when in fact they are profound or severely mentally disabled. With very low to no cognitive abilities, however teachers are pressed to assess these students, required to teach academics to students who have no clue what the teacher is talking about. The nation wide alternative assessments are a magic show. Teachers are pressured into performing miracles with these students. The student is not being tested, but the teacher. I was not permitted to teach adaptive living skills to my students, to insure that they could brush their teeth, take care of personal toileting needs, cross the street alone or learn to function in society once they aged out.