Bent Arms & Dodgy Wickets: England’s Troubled Reign as Test Match Kings during the Fifties

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And thus the chance of a series win will go down the drain. Incidentally, how long has it been now since the Test team ranked No 1 in the world actually won a Test match? It does seem to be turning into something of an albatross. Complain about this comment Comment number 6. DRS has shift the balance of power towards the spinners. You can no longer use the long stride and pad as a defence. In the past we combined this with the slog sweep to negate spin.

Complain about this comment Comment number 7. How to read a Doosra. Its simple: If his arm is illegally bent, its a doosra. If not, its not Can you review on bent arms? Complain about this comment Comment number 8. Whilst i would like to see Monty get a game as I think he offers something a little different to Swann and therefore will arguably make Swann more effective as well as causing problems himself i think its unlikely. Its counter-intuitive the weaken the batting line up following a performance like the one we saw in the 1st test and there was nothing wrong with the performance of the bowlers in Dubai, hence the reason i doubt Monty will paly As for the batting, it was terrible but there doesnt seem to be a great deal of knee jerking so far which is good to see, though i'm sure those comments aren't too far away.

I think a bit of rustyness combined with over confidence Not compalcency was the reason for the abject showing. Those batsmen are all capable of scoring runs against the Pakistan attack and i expect them to do so as a unit in the next test. I dont particularly rate the Pakistan batting line up and i think that England can take 20 wickets, even on a flat wicket purely by bowling like and lenght, perhaps getting the new ball to do a bit but generally just keeping it tight. Complain about this comment Comment number 9.

Both ended in draws. In the 1st test over runs were scored and only 27 wickets fell. In the 2nd Pakistan somehow managed to bowl SL out cheaply, but SL batted for nearly two days in their second innings and secured the draw.


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It's a road. If England realise it's possible to bat against Ajmal it will be a draw. If not, a comfortable Pakistan win.

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Complain about this comment Comment number I think Because the Ozzies did so well, every team from now to the near future will be expected to hammer and steam roll teams all the time. This clearly won't happen, or won't happen in a very long time and we should give the England team a break, everyone has a bad game or two.

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Only worry is this; England's wins have recently been against teams with powder puff attackes, India, Sri Lanka, Bangaldesh and Ozzies. Pakistan and South Africa have good attacks and this will highlight our batsmen are not as great as we thought, and highlight how good our bowling is. This test match will be alot closer, with us winning a tight fought test. TimmyNorfolk Can you point to me the law that says your not allowed to bowl with a bent arm?

I'll save you the effort you can't, the only illegal is straightening the arm with an allowance of 15 degrees because you can't see it by sight otherwise and all bowlers do it whether intentional or not. Whether Ajmal does that or not is open to debate but the ICC says he doesn't. I should point out when this was investigated bowlers with supposed brilliant actions Glen McGrath were discovered to be among the worst offenders. Seriously, Tremlett isn't going to be much of a threat on these wickets, and England may spend 2 days bowling at some point.

Monty would be useful. Obviously him turning the ball the other way is the main difference. I actually think that whilst Swann gets plenty of revolutions on the ball Monty gives the ball a slightly bigger rip. He also bowls a different trajectory ball, less variation, you could almost call it a good seam bowlers eithic of plugging away putting the ball on a spot which is a good attribute in a game where wickets will probably be taken through attrition as much as anything. Anyway i'm generally in agreement about Monty, just saying I dont think it will happen, and anyway i'd want Tremlett in the team as well, i'd personally always want 3 proper seamers in the team.

Bring on the monty monster! I'm desperate for England to win, but was never overly confident there were going to win this series. Pakistan are a bloomin' good team But one thing i'm not happy about!! England robbed me of two days of watching cricket over breakfast. I was really looking forward to the fact that getting up for work would almost be enjoyable Bran flakes. Orange juice. Cup of tea. Slices of toast. I like Mike Gatting's analysis, and Graham Thorpe is a very good example of how to play top quality spin bowling and they don't come any better than Warne and Muli.

If you watched Thorpe, he would only come forward on his terms and then play with soft and skilfull hands. To most delieries, he would ride the turn and bounce and play the ball very late.

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I do however feel that England were way undercooked. Why on earth didn't they go off to India prior to Dubai to get some practice in against spin bowling on sub continent pitches. So it all smacks of a little complacency, and the old saying is that you reap what you sow, or fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The shots that Cook and Strauss go out to in the first innings were lazy and ill judged.

Lets not forget, the slow bowlers were bowling with a new ball so it was obvious that the shorter quicker ball would hurry through and they both got out done for pace playing poor cross bat shots. Pieterson goes through phases, I would make the bold move of moving him to 5 and promoting Bell to 4. I would prefer KP in at than , he is then capable of taking the game away from the opposition.

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At , we often end up at That said Bell failed twice in the first test, but at least he was dismissed by quality bowling. Trott's fine, unlucky first dig, abboration second. Morgan I think will be ok, lets give him some time. Back to our preparation - if EDngland were playing Aus or S. Africa in these conditions would they really have gone into the first test match having played one meaningful warm up game, and a leg loosener. The answer is clearly no, so one can conclude that they didn't feel this necessary against Pakistan, complacency indeed.

What is the point of building team Englan with all of its backroom support if such a dim mistake is made with regard to preparation matches. Remember the Ashes !

Leeds Test Match Aka The Fourth Test Match (1953)

Recovering will not be easy against a talented young side who have build up some momentum. Finally although it seems like sour grapes, I'm afraid Sajmal's action is illegal.

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Either change the law to allow throwing or pull the guy up, but you can't have laws in place that are being continually breached. The problem here is that it probably isn't that different from Mulleritheran the worlds leading bowler, who in my opinion should have been stopped following the infamous Darrel Hair intervention many many years ago. I coach cricket, and it places one in a predicament if you see a kid aged 14 with an action such as this.

This result will only have left you scratching your head if you have recently bought into the never ending hype of the "best test team in the world". A fresh Pakistan with points too prove, turn up in a neutral venue in front of few fans against an England side now citing being "undercooked". Hilariously the last time we were exposed away from home it was explained away as "too much cricket".

I don't remember any other genuine number 1 team putting these excuses forward. I find it embarrassing how over-hyped we are at the expense of respect to our opposition. Sam, look at your last three blog titles "England back to square 1" "England's lethal cocktail" "Beating the batsmen's blues" knee jerk after knee jerk. Too much analysis of what was just a bad batting performance.

It happens to very team. Sure, if it happens again we should worry, but let's wait and see. As for KP being dropped 5 , you do know he's averaged over 70 for the last 3 series, don't you? But yeah, let's drop him because you don't like him. Just realised 2 would drop KP as well.

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The only batsman under threat at the moment is Morgan, and that is only in the unlikely event that England go with 5 bowlers The pitches are harder to bowl on than to bat on at least in theory , and with 7 batsmen I wonder if, at least on some level, there is a feeling of, "If I fail, there's plenty of other batsmen still to come".